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The best stress free guide to gorgeous Ghent, a Belgian treasure

I scheduled this post and forget that I never added an introduction. Being sick messed up my blogging routine big time. Ghent was not a place I even knew about before my Erasmus journey. I met my friend Bilqees at the Erasmus scholarship departure event. She was heading to Ghent on a shorter study program and I was heading to Germany. But, she told me that I could come to visit her in Belgium. I ended up visiting in June during the Ramadaan whilst my friend was fasting. In the end, it all worked out perfectly. And I remain thankful … Continue reading The best stress free guide to gorgeous Ghent, a Belgian treasure

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Notre Dame on fire

Yesterday Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire. According to CNN the cathedral pulls in 13 million tourists a year. It is a world heritage site. It is an integral part of history. It took 800 years to build. Notre Dame Cathedral has been around for 850 years. It is also the site where  Napoleon’s coronation took place  in 1804. Joan of Arc was beatified* at the cathedral in 1909. Notre Dame is also a key part of Victor Hugh’s book the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Fortunately renovations were being done and many priceless artifacts were removed from the Cathedral.  This … Continue reading Notre Dame on fire

The biggest mistakes to avoid in Paris

If you want to have a better time whilst visiting then consider following these tips. There a number of common mistakes which travellers make in Paris. I have a few French friends and acquaintances that are from the city. This means that my post is a mix of what I found out as an outsider and what I learnt from locals.   Don’t carry tons of luggage bags I have never had huge suitcases with me when travelling to Paris as I visited as a day tripper. The first time I went I only had a small backpack. The second … Continue reading The biggest mistakes to avoid in Paris

Don’t end up standing in long queues in Paris

If you would rather not spend your time in Paris standing outside for hours in lines then read my quick guide on how to avoid them. I visited Paris four times have a few French friends and picked up some tips on how to get more out of my time when exploring Paris.   Out walk Walk a lot and walk past all the other tourists. That way you will exit the busy crowds. You will find yourself surrounded by locals. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy a walk. And don’t just walk down the Champs Elysee it’s a popular tourist … Continue reading Don’t end up standing in long queues in Paris

A full round up of German Easter traditions

Germany has more Easter Traditions when compared to South Africa. The store windows are decked with Easter eggs and bunnies. You see lots of flowers and everything looks cheerful. Easter is a big deal in Germany. You can even visit an Easter museum in Stuttgart. German Easter coincides with Spring warmer weather and blooming Cherry blossom trees. Here’s a roundup of Germany’s Easter traditions because it’s always interesting to learn about how other countries celebrate well known holidays The Easter tree (ostereierbaum) People hang beautiful Easter eggs on twigs or on trees. These trees are displayed inside of homes, in … Continue reading A full round up of German Easter traditions

A honest review of The Creamery: Home made ice-cream and waffles

The Creamery is one of Cape Town’s best spots if you happen to have an incurable sweet tooth like me. You will find a few branches located across the city. Unfortunately, The Creamery isn’t operating in Johannesburg yet. The Creamery sells waffles, brownies, ice cream cones, tubs of ice cream and coffee so you get the picture it’s mostly about ice cream at this place. There is a wide selection of ice cream flavours to choose from. And every month there’s a limited edition flavour. This month to celebrate Easter the flavour is carrot cake flavoured ice cream which I … Continue reading A honest review of The Creamery: Home made ice-cream and waffles

Useful tips on how to survive Kings Day and have fun

Kings Day is a day which celebrates the Kings birthday in the Netherlands. It used to be Queens Day but, has been changed. The day started off as a day to  honor the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina  in 1885. After her daughter Juliana ascended to the throne the date was changed to the 30th of April. When Queen Beatrix became the queen she wanted to keep the day going. However, her birthday is in January when it’s still cold outside. It’s not the ideal weather conditions for a outdoor party so she kept the April 30th date. When her son King … Continue reading Useful tips on how to survive Kings Day and have fun

A complete Coffee shop etiquette guide

A coffee shop in the Netherlands isn’t a place where you can have baked goods and coffee. You can get baked as coffee shops in Holland are legal marijuana dispensaries. Most of the coffee shops in Amsterdam can be found around the Red light district( sex worker district) . I went to the Bull Dog which is supposedly the oldest coffee shop in Amsterdam a few of the Coffee shops claim this. The first time I visited Amsterdam I skipped the coffee shops. Amsterdam was my first solo trip and I visited again just for Kings Day.. And on this … Continue reading A complete Coffee shop etiquette guide

Great tips for Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring has sprung in Germany whilst I’m in rainy cold Cape Town I thought I’d share a few tips on how to beat the crowds and enjoy Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Every year around March or early April depending on when the trees in Bonn bloom the Cherry Blossom Festival is held.  This year it’s being held on the 5th and 6th of April. These pretty pink trees were planted in the 80’s to help provide natural beauty to Bonn’s urban landscape. To find out more read my previous post here: View this post on Instagram Weiße Kirschblüten in der … Continue reading Great tips for Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

12 fun things to do in Muizenberg

Muizenberg roughly translated  means  mouse mountain. Fortunately this seaside town isn’t overrun by mice. The area was named after a Dutch Postmaster Sergant Muys (Mouse).  Muizenberg’s main road was once a dusty strip of dirt road linking the area to Simon’s Town which is another coastal community.  The community of Muizenberg has been around for a long time,  for centuries in fact. Today it is a top surfing spot, filled with bustling café’s, restaurants, stores. I happen to love the artistic spirit of Muizenberg its stores often offer unique items.  So grab your sunscreen and join me whilst I ramble … Continue reading 12 fun things to do in Muizenberg