Blog notice

Dear readers  I hope you are staying safe wherever you may be. I wanted to tell you guys that I will be changing how I blog. Promoting travel in the same way I have in the past just wouldn’t sit right with me. I do understand that some of you might blog for a living and will have to keep posting the way you always have. If travel blogging is keeping your spirits up I get that to. And I will read your posts and comment Wi-Fi permitting. That being said guys please do not be irresponsible and don’t spread … Continue reading Blog notice

Beaches you must see in Cape Town

Cape Town has 82 beaches in total. It is a peninsula meaning that Cape Town is an almost island surrounded by the coast on three sides. Travelling to Cape Town means you have to visit at least one beach. I’m crazy about the sea and I even love the soft beach sand which clings to absolutely everything. Given my mermaid-like obsession for beaches I figured I’d write on the beaches in my city.   The coast is divided into three territories. False Bay it’s super close to where I stay like 5 minutes walk and includes Muizenberg, St. James, Fishoek … Continue reading Beaches you must see in Cape Town

Top tips when visiting Shimmy Beach Club

To celebrate my birthday I went to Submerged Sundays at Shimmy Beach Club. I went to see Goldfish perform as they’ve always been one of my favorite South African performers. It was a wonderful experience and I ended up loving the music and the venue. The staff was really friendly as well and so since it was my first time attending I’d like to share a few tips if you’re planning on going to Shimmy Beach Club. Wear comfy shoes I wore a tiny kitten heel and it was comfortable enough to walk in. I went with my sister who … Continue reading Top tips when visiting Shimmy Beach Club

First time to the ballet tips

I love attending the ballet. I go at least once a year with my mom and sister. It’s become a tradition. I never aspired to become a ballerina as a little girl. But, I have always found it fascinating to watch. In my city attending the ballet isn’t a popular past time amongst most Capetonians.  And I often get asked about the ballet so in this post will provide readers who have never been to the ballet with a few tips.   Remember your tickets You have to remember to take your tickets without them you won’t be permitted to … Continue reading First time to the ballet tips

Celebrating Nelson Mandela

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela. Upon his release, he addressed a massive crowd at the Grand Parade from the City Hall in Cape Town.  I wasn’t old enough to understand or remember the gravity of the moment. Recently  I’ve been very busy at work. But, I still felt I needed to post something in honour of the day and the sacrifices made by Nelson Mandela. After all, he chose to be a peacemaker despite spending 27 years in prison simply because he fought for racial equality. The photo below is of the President next … Continue reading Celebrating Nelson Mandela